Pets in the Park!

What a wonderful event! I had the chance to meet some great people who really love their pets. I did not bring my three weimaraners to Saturday’s, Pets in Park event, as they would have been very jealous. I did get a chance to practice shooting with my new Phottix Flash Trigger and off-camera flash. We found the use of a large gold reflector to be the most beautiful light on these puppies. Great turn out with over 25 dogs coming out first thing in the morning to have their pictures taken.

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Teddy is a natural!
Someone is ready to play!
High fives any one?
High five any one?
Longest tongue and sweet puppy.
Longest tongue and sweet puppy.
Search & Recuse Sophie
Search & Recuse Sophie

Let’s Do This

Fall is in the air! And that can only mean one thing for this family, cheerleading is back! There is absolutely nothing better than seeing your children perform and excelling at what they love.  We can’t wait to enjoy another season of cheering these girls on. Looking forward to getting some great pictures both from the sideline and at competitions!

Some recommendations I have and tips I’ve learned along the way.

  • Shoot with a wide focal length to capture as much detail as possible.
  • Always best to raise your ISO than to to lower your shutter speed for the light. They are fast and you will miss it the action.
  • Shoot from floor level when they are jumping. They work so hard to perfect their skills; not to mention it’s a great shot.
  • Test out shots on the team that is competing right before your school, it’s a good time to get your settings in order.
  • My favorite shots from competitions have been the fierce looks and beautiful smiles these girls have for the judges their spot on jump sequences, and the stunts that are truly amazing.

Let’s getting going!